Our Path Forward

Our Path Forward

Our Path Forward

2021-2025 Strategic Plan

2021-2025 Strategic Plan

2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Explore Olive-Harvey College’s transformative five-year strategic plan for 2021-2025. Download the full plan below for more information.


From the President

Kimberly Hollingsworth

President, Olive-Harvey College

Founded in 1970, Olive-Harvey College was built with Service and Scholarship as the guiding principles for its programming and outreach. As the college embarks on its 50th year of providing high quality education, we look back with pride and ahead with a clear vision for the continued evolution of OHC. Read More

President Kimberly Hollingsworth
Olive-Harvey College

“The implementation of the Strategic Plan will ensure that OHC solidifies its status as a solution-bearing vehicle for the community, and a beacon for student success. I am extremely proud to present our plan – one of clarity and purpose – and a blueprint for the future.”

Mission Statement


The mission of Olive-Harvey College is to develop a diverse community of cultural and civic leaders and to advance progressive global citizenship through academic excellence, work-based learning, and comprehensive support services.

To read more about Olive-Harvey’s background, download the full Strategic Plan.


My professors at Olive-Harvey College really opened my eyes to career possibilities I had never thought of – now I’m pursuing a life-long interest in animals and earning my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

My professors at Olive-Harvey College really opened my eyes to career possibilities I had never thought of – now I’m pursuing a life-long interest in animals and earning my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

My professors at Olive-Harvey College really opened my eyes to career possibilities I had never thought of – now I’m pursuing a life-long interest in animals and earning my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Kyle Reid
Olive-Harvey College Alumnus

Summary of Strategies

Six strategic levers form the framework for all of City Colleges’ plans. They serve as guiding principles and beliefs that are fundamental to the holistic success of our plans.

Exceptional Student Experience
Economic Responsiveness
Institutional Health


We promise that every experience with City Colleges, from pre-admissions to completion, will be exceptional. Every student will be able to maximize their learning inside and outside the classroom, navigate our institution with ease, make significant progress towards their goals, and feel welcome and supported by all City Colleges employees.

Improve the pre-college experience

Support students who place into remedial education

Giving students support where it is needed

Become a student-ready institution

Operationalize career pathway options for Adult Education students

Goal – Significantly narrow achievement gaps

We will become a “student-ready” and equitable institution that is designed for all students to thrive—especially those from historically and present-day marginalized communities. We will equip students with the support and resources they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Develop culturally responsive pedagogies with special emphasis on OHC’s status as a PBI and emerging HSI designation

Eliminate barriers to learning

Provide access to non-traditional students through partnerships with third-party organizations and/or other city agencies


We will be forward-looking and agile in developing pathways and forging partnerships that unlock transformational career opportunities for CCC students and fuel the Chicago workforce with talent that is prepared to meet the needs of the economy.

Develop and implement training (apprenticeships and other work-based learning opportunities), certificate, and degree programs to address existing and emerging industries

Build corporate partnerships to facilitate post-graduation job placement

Align educational offerings with market demand for continuing education classes

Promote student progression beyond completion of courses, programs or awards.


We will build a culture of excellence that inspires everyone to become the ‘best in class’ for our students and community. We hold ourselves accountable to delivering academics, experiences, and services of the highest quality. Our faculty and staff will continue to receive professional development across the district to continuously improve their practices.

Promote faculty and staff professional development

21st century curriculum development and redesign to ensure quality and relevance, with future growth in mind to attract new and returning students

Olive-Harvey College will receive National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NATEF) accreditation status for both automotive and diesel programming

Grow cannabis programming and partnerships in alignment with Center of Excellence rubric standards


We will create a more collaborative and connected ecosystem to foster coordination and communication that supports student success. At each college and across the district, we will implement people, data, and technology solutions to create holistic best practices with an inclusive approach to problem solving.

Improve coordination among all faculty and between faculty and other key stakeholder groups to increase student success in college level courses.

Faculty, staff, and administration are invested in OHC

Educate stakeholders on institutional policies that contribute to their learning and success

Incorporate and organize resources, tech tools, and processes to improve student success outcomes


We will develop, monitor, and improve critical institutional health metrics that ensure financial sustainability and the well-being of our institution.

Improve fiscal health of the institution

To read more about the strategies and tactics that Olive Harvey College will use to achieve its objectives, download the full Strategic Plan.


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